Catherine the Great

TitleCatherine the Great
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsChomsky, Marvin J., and John Goldsmith
Running Time90 min each; approx. 80 minutes were deleted from the US version by A&E compared to the original German version.
Date Released02/11/1995
DistributorMR Produktionsfilm
CountryGermany, United States, Austria
Publication LanguageEnglish

This two-part miniseries traces how a young German princess became Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia (1729-1796). In the mid-18th century, Catherine learns to manipulate court politics and societal institutions to seize power. After ordering the assassination of her husband, the Empress wages war and modernizes Russia to consolidate her power.

Alternate TitleKatharina die Große
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