Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1989
Authorsde Villiers, Dirk
Running Time460 minutes
Date Released04/1989
DistributorSouth African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)
CountrySouth Africa
Publication LanguageAfrikaans, English

In this popular South African television series, influential director Dirk de Villiers traced the lives of two men during the Boer War. After Boer farmer Sloet Steenkamp leads a failed rebellion, he is taken to a concentration camp run by British Army Captain James Kerwin.  


Ian Roberts

Michelle Botes

Brian O'Shaunnessy

Susann Beyers

Elma van Wijk

Gavin van den Berg

Keith Grenville

Diane Wilson

Percy Sieff


Directed by Dirk de Villiers

Written by Paul C. Venter

Cinematography by Jakes de Villiers

Music by Louis van Rensburg

Edited by Thys de Wit



Alternate TitleCape Rebel
Full Text

Although the history of concentration camps for whites during the Boer War has been well-known and documented since World War II, there is little information about concentration camps for black South Africans. This film, produced during the era of apartheid, followed the popular and well-known narrative.

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