Arende / Cape Rebel

TitleArende / Cape Rebel
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1989
Authorsde Villiers, Dirk
Running Time46 min each
Date Released04/1989-01/1994
CountrySouth Africa
Publication LanguageAfrikaans, English

Set in the prisoner of war camp on the island of St Helena, this popular South African television mini-series deals with the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) as seen through the eyes of two fictional characters: Sloet Steenkamp (Ian Roberts), a rebellious Boer farmer, and James Kerwin (Gavin van den Berg), a Captain with the British Army. After Steenkamp leads a failed rebellion, he is taken to a concentration camp run by Kerwin. The mini-series consisted of three seasons. The first aired in 1989, the second, Arende II: Moordenaars Karoo (Murderer's Karoo), aired in 1992 and the third, Arende III: Dorsland (Thirstland), from 10/1993 to 01/1994. A film version of the series was released later in 1994, also directed by Dirk de Villiers and once more featuring Roberts as Steenkamp and van den Berg as Kerwin, in a sense telling the pre-history of the series, relating Steenkamp's fight against the British invasion and his subsequent capture and imprisonment on the island of St. Helena.

Alternate TitleEagles
Original PublicationArende
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