Sometimes in April

TitleSometimes in April
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsPeck, Raoul
Running Time140
Date Released3/17/2005
DistributorHBO Films
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish, Kinyarwanda

This American televison drama about the Rwandan genocide (1994) written and directed by the Haitian  filmmaker  Raul Peck features on a  family fractures during the Rwandan Civil War (1990-94) and its genocide. Two brothers, Honoré Butera, a journalist, and Augustin Muganza, a Hutu and army captain, who whitness the devastating effects of war and genocide and become politicized by it. Their political divide as well as the question of moral responsibility, both nationally and internationally, frame this drama. The plot intersperses between the genocide in 1994, and April 2004, when Augustin is invited by his brother,  to visit him as he stands trial for his involvement in the genocide.

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