Orion's Belt

TitleOrion's Belt
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsSolum, Ola
Series DirectorCole, Tristan DeVere
Running Time103 minutes
Date Released1985
DistributorKommunenes Filmcentral, New World Pictures
CountryNorway, United States
Publication Languagenorwegian, english

Produced for Norwegian and English language audiences, Orion's Belt offers a biting critique of Cold War politics and continued Soviet influence in Norway. After a storm, three seamen from Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago, stumble upon a secret Soviet station intercepting radio signals. Only one survives, but Norwegian and American military and intelligence communities cooperate with the Soviets to silence him. 


Helge Jordal

Sverre Anker Ousdal

Hans Ola Sørlie

Kjersti Holmen


Directed by Ola Solum (Norwegian version) and Tristan DeVere Cole (English version)

Produced by Dag Alveberg and Petter Borgli

Written by Richard Harris

Music by Geir Bøhren and Bent Åserud

Cinematography by Harald Paalgard


Action, Adventure, Thriller

Alternate TitleOrions Belte
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