Near and Middle East

Vasilyev, Sergey. Heroes of Shipka. Shipka Heroes. Soviet Union, Bulgaria: Lenfilm, 1956.
Gerasimov, Sergey. V nachale slavnykh del (At the Beginning of Glorious Days). At the Beginning of Glorious Days., 1980.

second of two-part film on the life of Peter the Great

Fayziev, Dzhanik. The Turkish Gambit. Russia, Bulgaria, 2005.
Poitras, Laura. My Country, My Country In P.O.V. United States: Zeitgeist Films, 2006.
Pedersen, Janus Metz. Armadillo. Denmark: TrustNordisk, 2010.
Russell, David O. Three Kings. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures, 1999.
Mendes, Sam. Jarhead. United States: Universal Pictures, 2005.
Friedkin, William. Rules of Engagement. United States: Paramount Pictures, 2000.


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