War, International Politics & Men/Masculinity

Peter, Jan, and Gunnar Dedio. 14, des Armes et des Mots. 14 Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs / 14 Diaries of the Great War . Germany, France: Les Films d'Ici, 2014.

Ep. 1: The Gulf

Ep. 2: The Offensive

Ep. 3: Anguish

Ep. 4: Nostalgia

Ep. 5: The Disaster

Ep. 6: The Homeland

Ep. 7: Insurrection

Ep. 8: The Ruins

Renoir, Jean. La Grande Illusion. France: Réalisation d'art cinématographique (RAC) , 1937.
Marbœuf, Jean. Pétain. France: AMLF, 1993.
Macdonald, Kevin. My Enemy's Enemy. My Enemy's Enemy: Klaus Barbie and the Fascist Connection. United States: The Weinstein Company, 2007.
Ray, Nicholas, and Guy Green. 55 Days at Peking. United States: Allied Artists, 1963.
Dearden, Basil, and Eliot Elisofon. Khartoum. United Kingdom, United States: United Artists Corporation , 1966.

Based on the true story of the Siege of Khartoum.

Fleischer, Richard, Toshio Masuda, and Kinji Fukasaku. Tora! Tora! Tora!. United States: 20th Century Fox, 1970.
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Cimino, Michael. The Deer Hunter. United States; United Kingdom: Universal Pictures, Columbia-EMI-Warner, 1978.


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