Television/Netflix/Amazon Series

Siri, Florent Emilio. Intimate Enemies. France: France 3, 2002.
Reynolds, Kevin. Hatfields & McCoys. United States: History Channel, 2012.
London, Jerry. The Scarlet and the Black. United States: Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1983.
Millar, Gavin. Housewife, 49. United Kingdom: ITV, 2006.
Graham, William A. 21 Hours at Munich. United States: ABC, 1976.
Meyer, Nicholas. The Day After. United States: ABC Motion Pictures, 1983.
Spielberg, Steven, and Tom Hanks. Band of Brothers. United States: HBO, 2001.

Ep 1: Currahee

Ep. 2: Day of Days

Ep. 3: Carentan

Ep. 4: Replacements

Ep. 5: Crossroads

Ep. 6: Bastogne

Ep. 7: The Breaking Point

Ep. 8: The Last Patrol

Ep. 9: Why We Fight

Ep. 10: Points


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