Television/Netflix/Amazon Series

Block, Simon. Home Fires. United Kingdom: ITV Studios Global Entertainment, 2015.

6 episodes per season; ongoing series as of 2017

Virgo, Clement. The Book of Negroes. Canada, United States: CBC, BET, 2015.

This fictional story is based on real-life events and derives from the Book of Negroes, a historical document that lists over 3,000 Black Loyalists who settled in Nova Scotia after escaping slavery through their loyalty to the British Army during the American Revolutionary War. 

Louhimies, Aku. Rebellion. Ireland: RTÉ One, 2016.
Green, Misha, and Joe Pokaski. Underground. United States: WGN America, 2016.
Vincent, David. Women of World War One. United Kingdom: BBC, 2014.

Produced especially for classroom use in secondary/high schools.

Ewing, Heidi, and Rachel Grady. Women in War. United States: PBS, 2014.
Cinkwright, Kathy, and Mary Makley. Southern Belle. United States: ITVS and Nashville Public Television, 2010.
Clarke, Alan. Contact. United Kingdom: BBC, 1985.


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