Feature Film

Wellman, William. Battleground. United States: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1950.
Sayles, John. Amigo. United States : Variance Films, 2010.
Thompson, Ernest. 1969. United States: Atlantic Releasing, 1988.
Zwick, Edward. Legends of the Fall. United States: TriStar Pictures, 1994.
Scott, Ridley. Black Hawk Down. United States: Columbia Pictures, 2001.

U.S. military intervention operated under the United Nations originally tasked with providing humanitarian relief. 

Levinson, Barry. Good Morning, Vietnam. United States: Buena Vista Pictures, 1987.
Kubrick, Stanley. Full Metal Jacket. United States: Warner Bros., Columbia-Cannon-Warner, 1987.
Griffith, D.W. Orphans of the Storm. United States: United Artists , 1921.

Silent, with added musical score and English intertitles.

Mankiewicz, Joseph L. The Quiet American (1958). United States: United Artists, 1958.


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