Feature Film

Rajaonarivelo, Raymond. Tabataba. France: Forum Distribution, 1989.
Mihaileanu, Radu. Live and Become. France: Les Films du Losange, 2005.
Zeffirelli, Franco. Tea with Mussolini. United Kingdom: United International Pictures, 1999.
Wertmüller, Lina. Seven Beauties. Italy: Medusa Distribuzione, 1976.
Tornatore, Giuseppe. Malèna. United States: Miramax Films, 2000.
Rossellini, Roberto. Germany Year Zero. Deutschland im Jahre Null . Italy: G.D.B. Film, 1948.

Part of Roberto Rossellini's War trilogy. The third part of the trilogy following, Paisan, and Roma, Open City.

Rossellini, Roberto. Paisan. Italy: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1946.

Part of Roberto Rossellini's War trilogy. The second part of the trilogy between Roma, Open City and Germany, Year Zero.

Benigni, Roberto. Life Is Beautiful. Italy: Miramax Films, 1999.
Zwick, Edward. Defiance. United States: Paramount Vantage, 2009.
Tyldum, Morten. The Imitation Game. United States: The Weinstein Company, 2014.


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